The Evolution Of Kanken Backpack Design

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Fjällräven Fjallraven F27172220 Sand Kanken 15" Classic Backpack

The Beginning of Kanken Backpack

The Kanken backpack was first introduced in 1978 by Fjallraven, a Swedish outdoor brand. The backpack was originally designed to help prevent back pain in Swedish schoolchildren. The design was simple but functional, with a rectangular shape and two shoulder straps. The backpack was made of a durable, water-resistant material called Vinylon F.

Design Evolution

Over the years, the Kanken backpack has undergone several design changes. In 2002, Fjallraven introduced the Kanken Mini, a smaller version of the original backpack. In 2005, the Kanken Laptop was introduced, with a padded compartment to protect laptops.

The Classic Look

Despite the changes, the Kanken backpack has maintained its classic look. The rectangular shape, two shoulder straps, and Vinylon F material are still present in every backpack. The backpack also features the Fjallraven logo, a fox, which has become synonymous with the brand.

The Kanken Colors

One of the most iconic features of the Kanken backpack is its range of colors. The backpack is available in over 50 different colors, from classic black to bright pink. The colors change seasonally, with new colors introduced each year.

Kanken Sustainability

In recent years, Fjallraven has placed a greater emphasis on sustainability. The company has introduced several eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester and organic cotton. The company also offers a repair service, where customers can send in their old backpacks to be repaired rather than thrown away.

The Kanken Re-Wool

In 2021, Fjallraven introduced the Kanken Re-Wool, a backpack made from recycled wool. The backpack features a unique pattern, as each backpack is made from a different combination of recycled wool.

Kanken Accessories

In addition to the backpacks themselves, Fjallraven also offers a range of accessories for the Kanken backpack. These include shoulder pads, mini wallets, and seat cushions.

The Kanken Strap Pad

The Kanken Strap Pad is one of the most popular accessories. It can be attached to the shoulder straps to provide extra comfort, especially for those carrying heavy loads.

Kanken Popularity

The Kanken backpack has become incredibly popular in recent years, with the backpack seen on the backs of people all over the world. The backpack has been featured in several fashion magazines and has even been spotted on several celebrities.

The Kanken in Pop Culture

The Kanken backpack has also made several appearances in pop culture. In the popular TV show “Stranger Things,” one of the main characters, Eleven, is seen wearing a Kanken backpack. The backpack has also been featured in several music videos.


The Kanken backpack has come a long way since its introduction in 1978. The backpack has undergone several design changes, but the classic look has remained. Fjallraven’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly materials has also made the brand more popular than ever. With its wide range of colors and accessories, the Kanken backpack has become a staple in both the fashion and outdoor communities.

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